What is a Storm Contributor?

Storm Contributors are users invited to your Storm as a Contributor (and not as a Viewer).

Storm Contributors can:

  • See what is happening in the Storm in real-time.

  • Participate actively in Storms.

  • Contribute their own ideas. 

  • Use any type of stickies.

  • Edit their own ideas.

  • Lock their ideas.

  • Select which color to use for their ideas.

  • Vote on any idea.

  • Comment on any idea.

  • Assign tasks to any idea.

  • Zoom in and out in the Storm.

  • See who created which idea and when.

There is no limit on the number of contributors that can join your Storms in the Startup, Business and Enterprise subscriptions. The Personal plan allows a maximum of 5 collaborators per Storm.

Note: All contributors invited to your Team Storms will be added to your Team and will apply to your monthly bill or annual licenses.