What are the different roles in Stormboard?

Stormboard uses a role-based licensing model to determine what a user can see and do in our product. This article provides an overview of the different types of user roles and permissions available.

Roles in teams

  • Team Owner/Administrator: The Team Administrator is a Member who has additional rights to manage users and your team. The person that signed up for the paid subscription is automatically its Team Administrator. They can manage the team, change settings, change credit card information, convert Guests to Members, and more. Teams on a Business subscription can have one Team Administrator, while teams on an Enterprise plan can have multiple Team Administrators.
  • Member: Members are part of your team and have access to all features in your paid plan. They can create Storms and always occupy a license.
  • Guest: Guests are occasional external users who do not take up a license on your team, making it the perfect role for people outside of your team or organization. Guests are only available to teams on a Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

Roles in Storms

  • Storm Creator: Users enabled as Storm Creators can create Storms under your Team’s subscription and invite other users to the Storms they have joined. When a Storm Creator invites a Contributor to a Storm, that new user is automatically added to your team as an enabled user and will count towards your subscription’s monthly bill or annual licenses.

  • Storm Administrator: The person that creates a Storm is automatically its first Storm Administrator. Storm Administrators can adjust the Storm’s settings, run reports, and change/edit its template. On our Business and Enterprise Plans, Storm Administrators can also enable other users to be Storm Administrators for that Storm (they will not be automatically promoted to Storm Administrator in other Storms).
  • Contributors: Contributors are participants in a Storm that can fully contribute in real-time to your Storm. When they join your Storm, they are automatically added to your team as an enabled user and will count towards your subscription’s monthly bill or annual licenses.
  • Guest Contributors (Enterprise only): Members on Enterprise subscriptions who do not have Member Invitation Privileges enabled can invite Guest Contributors to Storms on their team. The Guest Contributor access level let's Guests activate their Guest Pass in one Storm at a time, allowing them to contribute to that Storm with only a few limitations.
  • Viewers: Viewers are participants in a Storm with view-only access (they can view the content of a Storm but are unable to contribute or edit content). New users who are invited to a Storm with Viewer access will come into Stormboard as a Guest (on Business and Enterprise subscriptions only) — meaning they do not occupy a license and do not count towards your Team's monthly bill. Storm Viewers are available on our paid subscriptions. 

Roles in folders

Note: Folders are only available to Members on Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

  • Folder Owner: The Folder Owner is the person who created the Folder. They have the highest level of control over a Folder and can perform actions such as renaming or deleting the folder.
  • Folder Administrator: The Folder Administrator(s) is/are appointed by the Folder Owner and can create, add, and remove Storms from a folder and also manage Folder Members.
  • Folder Member: A Folder Member is any user that is invited to a Folder who does not have one of the access levels above. They can participate in all of the Storms in that Folder — both old and new.