What is StormAI?

StormAI is an Augmented Intelligence (AI) co-collaborator that enhances Stormboard’s core collaboration capabilities while also moving brainstorming, idea generation, and Template creation to an entirely new level.

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Based on Stormboard’s data-first architecture, StormAI is context-aware allowing it to provide intelligent suggestions, recommendations, and insights to users as they collaborate. Instead of relying on user-crafted AI prompts, StormAI leverages existing workspace data – meaning that users need zero experience or expertise with AI to take full advantage of the feature.

StormAI is available to Team Administrators, Storm Administrators and Contributors on your team.

At the time of release (May 9, 2023), StormAI is available with the following features:
  • Automatic template creation means that teams no longer need to worry about where to start. The platform automatically generates user-ready templates that are custom-designed to the specific use case, reducing administration time to seconds to make brainstorming and problem-solving more efficient. 
  • Augmented idea generation provides intelligent suggestions, recommendations and insights to users as they collaborate in real time. StormAI leverages the ideas in the whole template, understanding their context based on the section they are in and adds ideas that understand the bigger picture.

Always check and confirm your results when using StormAI.

How to enable StormAI on your team

Team Administrators can enable/disable StormAI on your team. To enable StormAI:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon and select 'My Account'.
  2. Select your desired Team account under 'My Teams'. You'll land on the 'Settings' tab of that Team.
  3. You'll see a sub-tab under 'Settings' called 'StormAI'. Here you will be able to enable StormAI on your Team, and you'll also be able to choose whether you want to Filter Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to safeguard sensitive data.

How to use StormAI

There are a few different ways you can access StormAI within Stormboard:

  • Use StormAI template generator while creating a Storm.
  • Use StormAI template generator in an existing Storm via the Template Gallery dialog.
  • Use StormAI idea generator to generate sticky notes inside of a section via StormAI toolbar.
StormAI Action Result
StormAI Template Generator StormAI automatically generates a bespoke Template based on your prompt and desired goal.
StormAI Idea Generator StormAI automatically generates 5 new sticky notes in a section based on the prompt given to your Storm, other sticky notes, section titles, and other relevant Storm information.

Security and privacy for your Team

All data sent to StormAI service partners passes through a personally identifiable information (PII) filter to ensure data security. Information used in StormAI may be stored for up to 30 days, and is only accessible to authorized employees for (1) debugging purposes, and (2) investigating patterns of misuse.

Unlike many AI tools, StormAI data is never used to train AI models.