Using StormAI Personal Identifiable Information (PII) filter

All data sent to StormAI service partners passes through a configurable personally identifiable information (PII) filter to ensure information security.

Stormboard’s Data-First Collaboration Platform prioritizes privacy and security by adhering to industry-standard security protocols and best practices to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

StormAI is an optional service for Stormboard customers. It is not a standard feature and therefore can be disabled at an account level at any time. StormAI has no impact on the standard security model of Stormboard; when StormAI is not in active use, all data by default is protected by the Stormboard security and privacy protocols established for all customers and has no connection to the OpenAI Service Partner(s). 

When enabled, StormAI sends encrypted Storm data to our OpenAI Service partners, including Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.  Unlike ChatGPT where your chats can be used to train their model, Stormboard data is not used by our AI Service Partners to train their models. The Storm data is accessible for a maximum of 30 days only to authorized employees for (1) debugging purposes, and (2) investigating patterns of misuse. You can configure what data (Personal Identifiable Information [PII]) from your Storm gets redacted before sending it to our AI Service partners. 

How to enable the StormAI Personal Identifiable Information (PII) filter

  1. Go to My Account from your Dashboard settings.
  2. Click on the Team's menu under the My Teams.
  3. Move to the Settings tab.
  4. Click on the StormAI option.
  5. Enable the toggle bar to activate StormAI Personal Identifiable Information (PII) filter for your Team and then click Save Changes to update the changes made to your Team settings.

    Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 11.25.07 AM-2