How do I edit a Magnetic section?

Customize Magnetic sections to automatically align and sort your Sticky Notes within a grid.

Note: Only the Storm Administrator can edit the template.


Get organized and quickly sort your most popular ideas with a Magnetic Section.

Here's how it works:

  • Click the "Customize This Section" icon in the top righthand corner of a section. Select the "Edit Section" option. A dialog will pop-up.

Customize This Section drop down menu
  • Click on the "Type" tab at the top (1).

  • Check the "Enable Magnetic" checkbox to turn on the magnetics for that section (2).

  • Use the dropdown menu to sort your sticky notes by the number of votes, or leave it on "Don't Sort" to use the standard magnetics (3).

Customize Template Section pop up
  • Click "Save" when you're finished and the section will now be magnetic (4).

New notes and current notes will snap in alignment. You can reorganize your notes as much as you want. Icons at the top of the section will indicate if it is a standard Magnetic Section or one organized by votes.


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