How do I change the section type in a Storm?

Use the edit section toolbar to select a different section type.

There are four different types of sections:

  • Standard (you can arrange your stickies freely) 
  • Subsections (similar to standard, but allows you to split the section into different areas) 
  • Bullseye (allows you to customize the number of rings and slices) 
  • Calendar (choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly formats) 
  • Fishbone 
  • Funnel (choose the direction and number of zones) 
  • Spreadsheet (allows you to add and delete rows and columns) 
  • Axis Matrix (organize your ideas on a single or double axis matrix) 
  • Venn Diagram (choose from a two or three ring venn diagram) 

To change the section type: 

  1. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the section you want to modify.
  2. When the toolbar for the section appears, click on Type. A submenu will appear with the options of changing the section type.
  3. Select the Section Type you would like to use.  

Change Section Type

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