A few things to note:

  • All Storms are private and available only to participants that have been specifically invited to them.
  • Members of your team do not automatically gain access to all Storms belonging to your team and must be invited to each one individually.
  • Everyone who joins a Storm must have/create a Stormboard Account.

You can share a Storm with or invite two kinds of users:

  1. Storm Contributor (collaborator)
  2. Storm Viewers (cannot add ideas or participate in a Storm)

There are two ways to share your Storm:

From your Dashboard:

  1. Click the '...' icon in the corner of the Storm you would like to share.
  2. Select Share Storm from the drop-down menu. 

Within a Storm:

Click the Share button located at the bottom of your Storm. 

Once you have clicked "Share", a window will open allowing you to share your Storm in three different ways:

  1. By sharing the URL through an email, message, etc. 
  2. By sending the ID and Key codes. 
  3. By entering the e-mail(s) of the person(s) you would like to share your Storm with. Don't forget to click Send Invitations once you have entered the emails. 

If your invitees don't receive your invitation ask them to check their spam folder as some email programs filter our invites. 

You can also see any outstanding invites in the Invites Dashboard on your Stomboard home page.

*All users require a Stormboard account.

NOTE: Adding Team Members to Startup & Business Plans

  1. If you are on a Startup or Business subscription anyone invited to your Storms will be added to your team and will gain access to all your team features.
  2. If someone has Storm Creator privileges, they will also be able to invite other team members to their Storms and the people that join those Storms will be added to your team and to your bill.

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