Can I remove users from a Storm?

Users cannot be directly removed from a Storm, but Stormboard offers several ways to manage users on your Team.

Note: Only the Storm Administrator can update Storm Settings and user management of a Storm.

Due to content ownership of users in a Storm, we do not offer Storm Administrators to directly remove a user from the Storm. However, there are three ways by which you can effectively manage this if you no longer require contribution from users:

1. Change the Contributors to Viewers - This will not remove the users from the Storm but will remove them from future billing cycles. Here's how:

2. Change the Storm to Read-Only access as a Closed Storm - When the Storm Administrator closes the Storm, the Storm becomes a Read-Only file making anyone in the Storm unable to collaborate in it. You can still generate Storm reports and if contribution is required in the future you can Re-Open the Storm and then reenabling the contributors. Follow the Steps mentioned in the link below close a Storm:

Once the Storm has been Closed the Team Administrator can delete the contributors/ members by removing them from all future billing cycles. Here's how:

How do I remove Members from my Team?

3. Request the user to leave the Storm - The Storm Administrator can request any user that you do not require contribution from to leave the Storm. Users in a Storm can manually leave any time by following this article:

How can I leave a Storm?

Once the users leaves the Storm, the Team Administrator can remove the user removing them from all future billing cycles.