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Is there a User Guide or Demo available for the Microsoft Surface Hub?

Resources to help you become a Stormboard for Surface Hub expert

We have lots of great resources to help answer any question you may have about using Stormboard on a Surface Hub. 

Surface Hub User Guide

Our User Guide is available here: Stormboard Microsoft Surface Hub User Guide. You can flip through it online or download it to your desktop. 

Take a Tour

Click on the Tour button (see image below) in the top menu of your Storm to take a tour of some of the best features of Stormboard at any time. 

If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to use our sticky notes or more details on our features, login to your Stormboard account on your computer, laptop, or small-screen device, open a Storm, and click on the Help button to access all of our tours. 

Button to access Stormboard tour

Help Documents

Click on the Help button (see image above) in the top menu of your Storm to find links to our help documents. 

You can also access Help from your Desktop when you are on your your computer, laptop, or small-screen device, or from the footer of our website. 

Book a Demo

Contact us at to book a demo with a member of our team. 

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