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How do I join a Storm on the Microsoft Surface Hub?

Use a Storm ID and Key to join a Storm.

In order to join a Storm from the Surface Hub, you will need to use a Storm ID and Key. Anyone can be invited to participate in Storms on the Surface Hub. 

Here's how you access the Storm: 

  1. On the Surface Hub home page, enter your Storm ID and Storm Key in the indicated fields below. 

  2. Click the Join button. You will be taken to the Storm that you have been invited to. 

Surface Hub getting started home page

Note that the Storm ID and Storm Key are always displayed at the top of the Storm. They can also be found under the Share button at the bottom of your screen. 

You can also join a Storm from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Read How do I join a Storm? for more information. 

Once you have joined, the Storm can be accessed from any device, including the Surface Hub in the list of Storms on your home page/dashboard when you are logged in.


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