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How do I invite people to my meeting or collaboration Storm on the Microsoft Surface Hub?

How to share your Storm with your team.

Use the Share button in the menu at the bottom of your Storm to share it with your meeting participants and team members so they can start collaborating with you! 

Sharing a storm via Microsoft Surface Hub

Once you have clicked Share, a window will open allowing you to share your Storm in three different ways:

  1. Copy the Storm URL to paste in an email, a message, chat, etc. When your team member clicks on the link (on a Surface Hub, desktop, laptop, tablet, or other device) they will be taken directly to your Storm.

  2. Copy the Storm ID and Key to paste in an email, a message, chat, etc. Your team members can enter these on the login screen on the Surface Hub or from their dashboard on other devices.

  3. Enter the email(s) of the person(s) you would like to share your Storm with and click send. They will receive an email with a link they can click to access the Storm from any device.

Note: All Storms are private and available only to participants that have been specifically invited to them. Everyone who joins a Storm must have or create a Stormboard Account.


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