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How do I pair an NFC card with the Microsoft Surface Hub?

Log in to Stormboard quickly and easily with an NFC card.

To pair your Stormboard account with an NFC badge: 

  1. Create a free account using your desktop or mobile device.
    Note: If you signed up for a 30-day trial from the Surface Hub there will be a verify email in your inbox to help you complete the account creation process. 

  2. On the Surface Hub launch Stormboard and login using the same username and password you use to login on your desktop and mobile device.

  3. A side panel will open on the right hand side of the screen with all of your current Storms.

  4. Click the Pair NFC button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Tap your NFC badge on the NFC reader on the right side of the Surface Hub.

Stormboard homepage on a Microsoft Surface Hub

6. Done! You can test it by clicking logout and then tapping the badge on the NFC reader to automatically login.

Your NFC badge will now work on any Surface Hub that is licensed to use Stormboard!

Note: When you’re in a Storm, each user in the room can walk up to the Surface Hub and tap their own NFC card to login to that particular Storm and their avatar will show up at the bottom.

Users can then tap the pen on their avatar to have all ideas, comments and votes attributed to them.


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