How do I rename or customize the Color Palette Legend?

Edit the labels of the Color Palette Legend in your Storm to help categorize your ideas.


Note: Storm Administrators can perform this action.

To edit the labels of your Storm's color legend:

  1. On the bottom right hand corner of your Storm, there is a Legend menu tab (see photo below). 

Legend Icon highlighted in bottom toolbar


2. The Color Palette Legend that has been selected for this Storm will open.  

Color Palette Legend



Tip: Subscribers have the option to select a different color palette

3.  Double click on the name of the color you would like to modify. 

Selecting a color from the color palette legend


4. Type the new label and press Enter. 

Labeling the color legend


5.  You can edit one or all the color names to be assigned to certain people, types of ideas, teams, etc.

Example of assigned terms to color legend


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