How do I remove someone from my bill?

Disable users from your team to remove them from your next billing cycle.


⚠️ Note:


Disabling users temporarily removes them from your team and your bill.

  • When disabling users on our Monthly Plan they will removed from your billing on the next billing cycle.

  • When disabling users on the Annual Plan , the seat is instantly available for another user to use.

To Disable Users:

  1. Go to:  

  2. Click on the "Users" tab, this will list ALL the users in your team. 

  3. Click the hamburger menu on the right hand side of the user you would like to disable.

  4.  Select the "Disable User" button.

My Account dashboard overview Disable User highlighted in the menu

If you try to Disable Users that are still part of a Storm the following message will pop up:

Error pop-up stating all storms must be closed

⚠️ Note: You must close all the Storms the users you would like to disable are part of.

  • When you close a Storm (in the Storm sub tab on that same page), it becomes read only. If the users in that Storm are not on any of your other team Storms, they will be disabled (and they won’t show up on your next billing cycle.)

  • If a user has Storm Creator privileges and they create a Storm on the team, or if they join a team Storm, they will automatically be re-enabled and added to your team. 

  • If you re-open any Storm ALL the users in that Storm will also automatically be re-enabled and added to your team and your bill.


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