How do I edit a section heading or template label?

Edit an individual section title, subtitle, digit, and unique section labels directly by clicking.



  • Only the Storm Administrator can edit the template.
  • Customizing section titles and colors requires a subscription

1. Click on the section heading and enter the name of the section.

2. Click the subtitle area to edit.

3. You can also edit the section digit by selecting it.

You can also press the tab key on your keyboard to cycle through these fields and move to the next section header, allowing you to change all your headers with fewer clicks.

Customizing labels of different section types:

On different section types like the Funnel, Bullseye, or Venn Diagrams, click on each box of the diagram to edit the label and name of each box of the diagram individually.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 1.36.05 PMScreenshot 2023-02-10 at 2.41.57 PM


Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 4.57.36 PM

How do I change the color of a section heading? 

Change the color of a particular section heading by customizing the section.

1. Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the section you would like to edit.

2. A drop-down menu will open. Select Section Color.Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 4.55.01 PM

3. Click on any color you would like for your section heading.
Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 4.07.03 PM

4.  The section heading will now be the new color you selected. 

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 4.50.43 PM

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