How do I create, edit, and view Azure DevOps (ADO) dependencies in Stormboard?

Upgrade existing line connectors to create new dependencies in Azure DevOps.

Creating line connectors between sticky notes in Stormboard can help you visualize the dependencies between Azure DevOps (ADO) work items. These dependencies can then be synced with ADO by upgrading line connectors in Stormboard. 

Create an ADO Dependency from Stormboard:

Step 1 - Create Two ADO Work Item Sticky Notes

  • Option 1 - Convert a Stormboard Sticky Note to an ADO Work Item Sticky Note.
  • Option 2 - Click and drag a work item from a ADO backlog section

Step 2 - Connect the ADO Work Item Sticky Notes with a Line Connector

  1. Click on a sticky note to reveal the line connector arrows on its sides.
    ADO Line Connector Arrows Screenshot
  2. Click and drag one of these line connector arrows to another ADO work item sticky note (this will 'pull' the line connector from one note to the other).

Step 3 - Edit the Line Connector to Create the Dependency

  1. Click the circle icon in the middle of the line connector.

    ADO Line Connector Circle Icon Screenshot
  2. In the menu that appears, click Create Dependency in ADO.
    ADO Create Dependency Option Screenshot

  3. In the next menu that appears, select the dependency type from the drop-down in the middle. 

    ADO Create Dependency Dialog Screenshot
    1. To change the direction of the dependency, click the arrows icon to the right of the drop-down.
  4. Click Create.

Note: The Create Dependency dialog reads from top to bottom, meaning the top work item is where the dependency is 'From' and the bottom issue is where the dependency is 'To'. 

The line connector’s style will update to show its new integration with the dependency you created. You will also notice the ADO icon in the line connector’s label. 

ADO Integrated Line Connector Screenshot

Edit the Color of an Integrated Line Connector:

  1. Click the dependency label in the middle of the line connector.
    ADO Dependency Label Screenshot
  2. In the menu that appears, click Color to reveal your color options. 
  3. Click one of the color options. 
    ADO Choose Color Dependency Screenshot

View a Work Item's List of Dependencies:

  1. Double-click an integrated Sticky Note to reveal the ADO panel on the right-side of your Storm. 
  2. Look for the dependencies section in this panel. 
    ADO Dependencies Panel Screenshot

  3. Click an item’s key in the list of dependencies to refresh the ADO panel and show its information. 

Delete an ADO Dependency:

  1. Click the dependency label in the middle of the line connector.
    ADO Dependency Label Screenshot
  2. Then select either of the following options:
    1. Delete Dependency in ADO: removes the line connector and also delete the dependency in ADO.
    2. Remove Connector: removes the line connector and optionally deletes the dependency in ADO. 
      1. In the pop-up that appears, confirm whether you would like to delete the dependency in ADO. 

ADO Delete Dependency Options Screenshot

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