How do I create an Embed sticky?

Embed your favorite third-party apps inside of your Storm by using embed sticky notes.

Use the new embed option in our file sticky tab to embed various different apps directly into your Storms, allowing you to reference other applications, data, projects, or anything else without the need to switch tabs or navigate between apps. 

Available on Startup, Business, and Enterprise subscriptions.


Embed sticky animated gif

What apps can I embed in Stormboard?

Basically, any app that allows you to copy an embed link (iFrame code) can be embedded into a Storm now — think of everything from a custom form or social media post to different video players and presentation software.

As of launch, some examples of supported apps include:

  • Google Calendar

  • Calendly

  • LinkedIn

  • Microsoft Streams

  • Figma

  • Adobe XD

  • Twitter

  • Google Maps

  • Hubspot Forms

  • SurveyMonkey

  • Prezi

  • Vimeo


  • Various other whiteboard and collaboration apps

To embed an app into a Storm:

  1. Find the embed link or iFrame code from the application you would like to embed. 
    1. For the example of embedding a Tweet from Twitter, look for the word 'embed' within the menus of the Tweet and select that option. 

      Twitter Tweet Menu Button Screenshot

      Twitter Embed Tweet Button Screenshot

      Twitter Copy Code Screenshot
  2. In your Storm, open the 'Add Sticky Note' dialog.
    1. Double click anywhere on your Storm or click the Add button in the Storm's bottom menu to open this dialog. 
  3. Click the File tab and select the Embed option. 

    Stormboard File Embed Sticky Note Screenshot

  4. Copy the embed link or iFrame code from Step 1 into the text field.

    Stormboard Embed Sticky Note Text Entered Screenshot

  5. Click the green checkmark in the top right corner of the dialog to save the embed to your Storm. 

    Stormobard Embed Sticky Note Close Dialog Screenshot
6. Click the newly created Sticky Note and select Open Embed to preview the content within your Storm's side panel.

Stormboard Embed Sticky Note Preview Panel Screenshot

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