How do I create borderless Pure Images?

Convert image sticky notes to Pure Images to remove the sticky note border and show only the image itself.

Pure Images are image sticky notes without the sticky note styling. Use them to add icons, background images, and other borderless pictures to your Storm. 

Transparent PNG image types are also now supported when Pure Image mode is toggled on. This means that images such as icons or emojis can be added without the distraction of a solid background or sticky note border.

Stormboard's borderless Pure Images

To Convert an Image Sticky Note to a Pure Image:

  1. Double-click on your Storm to bring up the new sticky note editor. 
  2. From the top of the editor, select Image.
  3. Search for an image on Pexels or select an image from your device or cloud storage. (You can also drag and drop images from your device onto your Storm to quickly import them). 

    How to create an Image-type sticky note in Stormboard

  4. Click the image sticky note and select Pure Image in the context menu that appears. 

    Converting an image sticky to a borderless "Pure Image"

  5. After Pure Image is selected, the sticky note styling and border will be removed so just the image is visible. 

    Example of a borderless image in Stormboard


To Convert Multiple Image Sticky Notes to Pure Images:

  1. Select multiple sticky notes by holding Shift on your keyboard and clicking the images you would like to convert. (You can also hold Shift to click and drag a selection area across multiple sticky notes). 
  2. Select Pure Image in the context menu that appears. 

    How to convert multiple sticky images at once in a Storm
  3. After clicking Pure Image, the selected sticky notes will have the sticky note styling and border removed so just the images are visible. 

    Example of pure image showing pink rose


To Resize a Pure Image:

  1. Click the Pure Image you would like to resize. This will reveal a draggable handle in the bottom right corner of the Pure Image. 
  2. Click, hold, and drag the handle in any direction to resize the Pure Image. 

    Image showing re-size icon in an image sticky note

To Set the Storm's Default Image Type to Pure Image:

  1. Click Settings from the bottom menu of your Storm.
  2. Click the Features tab at the top of the settings menu that appears. 
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Default Image Ideas and select Pure Image.
  4. Click Save Changes.

    Directions for changing Stormboard's default image type

To Lock a Pure Image:

  1. Click the image you would like to lock. 
  2. Select Lock Image from the context menu that appears. 
  3. Once locked, you can drag other images or sticky notes on top of the image and the locked image will remain in the background. 
  4. To unlock the image, click it and select Unlock Image from the context menu that appears. 

Locking image sticky notes into place in a Storm


What Happens to Pure Images in a Magnetic Section?

Converting a section that contains Pure Images into magnetic section will automatically revert the images back to standard (bordered) image sticky notes.

Images reverting from borderless to border-type image sticky notes in a stormboard magnetic section

To convert these images back into Pure Images, either uncheck the Magnetic option in the section's Edit menu or drag the images out of the magnetic section. You can then convert the images back into Pure Images. 

Example of 3 pure images, a wooded area, pink rose, and busy desktop

How do I create a borderless Pure Whiteboard?

  • Click the Whiteboard sticky note and select Pure Whiteboard in the context menu that appears. 

    Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 7.49.56 PM
  • After Pure Whiteboard is selected, the Whiteboard sticky note styling and border will be removed so just the contents of the Whiteboard sticky are visible. 

    Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 7.57.03 PM

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