How do I choose a template?

We have hundreds of templates available!

When you create a new Storm, you are given the option to Create a Basic Storm or Choose a Template. 

Creating a new storm

A: Create a Basic Storm 

The 3 Sections template is the default template for our Basic Storm that allows you to start adding ideas immediately.

This blank template is divided into three sections that you can use to structure your meeting, brainstorm, strategic planning session, project management plan, and more.

You can switch to a different template at any time!

Creating a basic storm template

B: Choose a Template

When you click Choose a Template, the menu pictured below will pop up.

You can search for a template type by:

  1. Name or keyword.

  2. Category.

You can also scroll down for more options to:

   3.  Preview the template.
   4.  See the category/type.

When you've found the template you want to use:

   5.  Simply click Choose Template.

choosing a template from the template gallery


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