How do I change the shape of my stickies?

Click on a sticky note to bring up its options menu and customize its shape.

Note: Only the Idea Creator or the Storm Administrator can edit sticky notes

Change the shape of a sticky note 

The option to change the shape of your stickies is only available for Text stickies.

  1. Click once on the sticky note you would like to edit.

  2. A menu will pop up, select Shape from the bottom of the menu.

  3.  Select the shape that you would like to use. (Note that the shape with a "T" in it is a Title Sticky). 

Sticky drop down. menu with shapes highlighted

   5. As soon as you click on a shape the menu with close. You can change the shape of your sticky notes as many times as you want. 

The stickies will look like this:

Examples of different shapes applied to stickies

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