Voting makes it easy to quickly get feedback from people in your Storm on what ideas they see as important.

You can vote on every type of sticky and you can even vote more than once on a single sticky.

Voting on Stickies

  1. To add your vote to an idea, click on the number at the bottom of the sticky. When an idea has not been voted on yet, there will be a Zero (0) in the voting window.

  2. To add your vote, click on the plus sign ( + ) until you have added the number of votes you want to give the idea. 

3. To remove a vote or decrease your number of votes, click the minus sign ( - ).


  • Storm Administrators can change the number of votes per participant in the the Setup Menu of every Storm.
  • Storm Administrators are the only ones who can see what participants voted on, voting is anonymous to all other viewers.

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