Can I have external collaborators?

Collaborating with users outside your organization or your single sign on directory

Yes, external collaborators can be invited to collaborate with your team without being added to the single sign on (SSO) directory.

The following is required:

• An active Stormboard Enterprise subscription

• An active SSO connection with Stormboard

• A Stormboard subdomain (e.g.

• The Storm Administrator for the Storm(s) you wish to have external Contributors join.


A) Share the Storm with your external collaborator

i) Enter the Storm you want external collaborators to join with a Storm Administrator account

ii) Select Invite Users from the bottom toolbar

Invite users icon

iii) Select Invite via Email

Invite via email template

iv) Enter the email addresses of the external collaborators (they will need to access Stormboard the email you specify).

v) Click Send to send the invitations. 


A) Open the invite email received from the Storm Administrator

i) The link in the email will direct you to the organization's Stormboard subdomain (e.g.

ii) You will see a page that looks like this (The page will include the organizations logo & Stormboard team name)

Email invite example

1 ) New Users select Register Here

a) Click ‘Sign Up Here’

b) Enter the Email the Storm invite was sent to

c) Verify your Email with the verification code sent to your Email

d) Complete your new account registration

2) Returning Users select Log In Here

a) Enter the login details you created when you registered


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