Stormboard for Azure DevOps (ADO) Integration FAQs

Everything you need to know about the Stormboard for ADO Integration

I have a Business Account, can I use the ADO Integration? 

No, the integration is only available to those with an Enterprise Account. Book a Demo to see if this solution is for you!

What does the Stormboard for ADO Integration do?

With the Stormboard bi-directional ADO integration you can connect to your DevOps instance, query projects for work items, and update work item data without leaving Stormboard. Learn more.

What does the integration involve?

There are two parts to the integration.

  • Creating a Personal Access Token – Allows Stormboard to create and update data in ADO.

  • Connecting Service Hooks – Notifies Stormboard when issues are created, updated, or deleted in ADO.

How is the Integration authenticated?

  • The Personal Access Token is authenticated using OAuth 1.0a over a secure SSL connection.

  • The Service Hook is an outbound POST request to a Stormboard URL transmitted over SSL. 

Is it an application-level authentication or user-level?

Both. The Application Link is authenticated with an ADO Personal Access Token while certain actions are authenticated by the user account.

 The Personal Access Token authentication is responsible for:

  • Limiting Stormboard access to projects.

  • Updating ADO issue data that has changed in Stormboard.

  • Viewing issues added to Stormboard in the side-panel

Note: Only one ADO Personal Access Token can be connected to Stormboard at this time.

The User authentication is responsible for:

  • Limiting a user's access to only the projects they are authorized to view in ADO (and that the Personal Access Token account authorizes.)

  • Enabling the user to create issues in ADO from Stormboard.

How does the System Account authenticate?

This is a part of the setup procedure. This is a one-time process.

How do users authenticate to ADO?

A dialog in Stormboard opens the ADO authentication window and the user authenticates with their ADO credentials. Each user should only need to authenticate once.

What issue data can be updated?

The following fields on issues can be updated by Stormboard:

  • Story points

  • Priority

  • Sprint Section

What issue data can be created?

Issues can be created from Stormboard using the user's authentication. New issues created in ADO from a sticky note in Stormboard contain the following fields:

  • Project – Select the appropriate Project to have the work item created in.

  • Issue type – options pulled from ADO by the System Account for that project.

  • Issue description

  • Issue priority – options pulled from ADO by the System Account for that project.

  • Custom required fields – pulled from ADO by the System Account for that project and issue type.

What issue data can be deleted?

Stormboard does not delete any issues in ADO.

How do I install the Stormboard for ADO Integration? 

Everything that you need to know to install the integration can be found here