What is the Realtime Cursor function?

Realtime Cursors allow each participant to see the position of other participants' cursors as they interact with your Storm!  

Example of realtime cursor function

  1. The cursor moves in real time to show a view of where participants are in an active Storm.

  2. The cursor turns gray and hides the pointer when a participant is not active in the web browser (if they change tabs or minimize their window).

To enable or disable the realtime cursors:

Note: Only Storm Administrators can adjust the Storm's settings. 

  1.  Click the Settings button at the bottom of a Storm. 

Settings Button In Storm Screenshot

   2.  Under Features, click on the drop down menu next to Realtime Cursor Positions and select your preferred option.

Stormboard realtime cursor position on/off toggle

   3.   Click Save Changes.