What is a Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram?

Find the root cause of a problem with an Ishikawa diagram section.

The Fishbone diagram (or Ishikawa diagram) is a popular problem-solving tool that allows users to get to the root cause of an issue by listing all possible causes and narrowing down from there.

The ‘head’ of the fish is where you write the problem, and the ‘bones’ of the fish are where you will identify the categories and the causes.

Find a fishbone diagram in our template gallery .

Fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram section in Stormboard


Note: For Business and Enterprise subscribers you can add a Fishbone diagram to any section by changing a section type in your Storm and selecting "Shape". If you are on a trial or Personal Plan and would like to upgrade to a paid account, visit our pricing page.

Customizing your Fishbone diagram:

Click the edit pencil at the top right of your section. Select Edit.

Under General

  1.  Header Color - Change your fishbone diagram to the same color as the section types header.

Under Type

  1. Problem - Label the problem or the "head" of the fish

  2. Category - Label and define each of the "rib bones" of the fish with causes of the problem. 

Note: When you generate a report from a fishbone diagram the ideas will be organized into their corresponding "rib bones" or problem sections.