What are concentric circle templates and sections?

This template type presents a series of rings in which to organize and categorize your ideas.

The Concentric Circle sections are similar to circle sections, but instead of the circles being separated into split sections, they are in rings. This helps you to visualize a group of data within a group of data.

We offer two, three, and four ring concentric circle templates for you to choose from. An example of the three-ring Concentric Circle template can be seen below.

Find a concentric circle diagram in our template gallery.

Concentric circle section

Note: For Business and Enterprise subscribers you can add a Concentric Circle to any section by changing a section type in your Storm and selecting "Shape". Concentric Circles are found under the "Bullseye" type.
If you are on a trial or Personal Plan and would like to upgrade to a paid account, visit our pricing page .

Customizing your Concentric Circle:

Click the edit pencil at the top right of your section. Select "Edit".

Under General

  1.  Header Color - Change your bullseye or circle diagram to the same color as the section types header.

Under Type

  1. # of rings - Change how many rings (stages) your bullseye diagram has. Between 1 & 5 total rings.

  2. Label - Label any rings you want to show a title. Labels show inside of their corresponding ring.

  3. # of slices - Change how many slices your rings are divided into. Between 1 & 5 slices.

  4. Label - Label the slices you want to show a title. Labels show outside of the bullseye diagram above their corresponding slice.

Note: When you generate a report from a Concentric Circle section the ideas will be organized into their corresponding sections.