How to Use Jira Issues in Stormboard Without an Integrated Connection

Team Administrators can create a local Jira Connection to allow importing of Jira Issues without a Service Connection.

Working with Jira Issues in Stormboard can be done without an integrated Jira connection. Creating a local Jira Connection will allow your team to import Jira Issues into Stormboard from Jira XML files.

Step 1 – Create a Local Jira Connection in Stormboard

  1. Go to My Account.

  2. Click your Team’s Name in the left-side panel.

  3. Scroll down to Service Connections and click Connections.

Local Jira connection in Stormboard

4. In the menu that opens, click New Connection and then click Jira.

Selecting Jira from the New Connection tab

5. In the next menu that opens:

  • Set the Connection Name (example: “Jira Cloud”)

  • Set Enabled to Active

  • Set Default Connection to Yes

  • Set Type to Cloud

Jira connection settings

6. Scroll down and click Save.

Step 2 – Import your Jira XML File

  1. Create a Storm.

  2. At the bottom of the Storm, click Import

Importing Jira XML

3. In the menu that opens, click the Jira XML tab.

4. Click Browse and select your Jira XML file.

5. Click Import Now!

Importing Jira XML in Import Content tab

Each issue in your Jira XML file will be imported as a Jira Issue Sticky Note.

Jira issue sticky note

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