How to Promote Another User on My Team to Team Owner/Administrator

Team Owners/Administrators on Enterprise Plans can upgrade other users to Team Owner/Administrator.

Team Owner status is needed for administrative activities such as user management, setup of agile integrations and setup of Single Sign On (SSO).

If you are a Team Owner of an Enterprise Team, you can promote other users to Team Owner/Administrator (these terms are interchangeable on Stormboard).

To promote a user to Team Owner:

  1. Go to My Account

  2. Click on your Team's name in the left-side panel.

  3. Click the Users tab at the top of your team's settings.

  4. Click the menu icon on the far right side of the person's listing in the user list.

  5. Click Promote to Team Owner.

Tab to promote user to Team Owner

You can also demote Team Owners to have regular user permissions by following the above steps and selecting Demote from Team Owner.

Please contact us us if you are a Team Owner but unable to promote other users. We may need to enable this setting on your account.