How do I switch between different Team Accounts?

⚠️ Note: If you cannot find a Storm that you know exists, first make sure that you have the correct Team selected. Storms that are created within a specific team will ONLY exist within that team.

Any Storm that you are invited to or are a participant in exists within a team. The team icon will appear in the far left panel of the Dashboard (see image below). Switch between teams by clicking the square icons on the left-side panel.

Switching from my Stormboard Team (company account) to my Personal Storms

The top square icon on every users account will be where your Personal Storms are located (this also functions as a team). 

Personal Storms:

  • Allow you and up to 4 other users collaborate on a Storm (5 including yourself)

  • You can have up to 5 personal Storms open at a time

  • Have access to all of our templates

  • Have access to limited functionality (e.g. no reporting — see everything you're missing on our Pricing page)

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