How can I move a Storm from my Personal Storms to my Team Plan?

Use the ellipsis menu on a Storm's preview to move it between your Personal and Team Dashboards.


  • Only the Storm Creators in a  team can add their Personal Storms to that team.
  • All users in the moved Storm will become part of that team and will also be added to their bill.

To move a Storm from your Personal Storm to a Team Plan or Educational Plan:

  1. Go to your Dashboard.

  2. Select My Personal Storms.

  3. Click the '...' menu on the Storm you would like to move.

Personal storm graphic

     4.  Select Add Storm to a Team.

Add to team graphic


5.  The following menu will pop up. Click the drop-down menu.

Add to team help graphic


6.  Select the Team you would like to move the Storm to.

Select a team - enterprise


7.  Confirm your selection. Note that by adding this Storm to your team, all the users in that Storm will also be added to your team.

Adding users to Storm teams


9.  Your Personal Storms Dashboard will no longer show the Storm that you moved to your team.

Personal Storms dashboard