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How do I set up my One Drive or Box Account on the Microsoft Surface Hub?

Learn how to set up these accounts in Stormboard and pair them with your NFC card

To set up your One Drive or Box account you will need to login to Stormboard from your computer. 

  1. From your desktop, enter a Storm and double click anywhere on the screen to create a sticky note.

  2. Click on the Image button.

New sticky with Image icon selected

3. Click on the OneDrive or Box button, depending on which you are wanting to login to.
4. Login using your OneDrive or Box credentials.
5. Your Stormboard account will now be paired with the account and you can add files to your Storms from your OneDrive or Box accounts.

How to login to OneDrive or Box with an NFC card from the Surface Hub 

  1. Login to the Surface Hub with your NFC card

  2. Open any Storm.

  3. Tap the Surface Hub pen on your avatar at the bottom of the Storm. This will link the pen to your identity.

  4. Tap the pen on the screen to create a sticky note and click Images.

  5. Click on the OneDrive or Box button.

  6. Tap the NFC badge on the NFC reader and Stormboard will login to your OneDrive or Box account.

NOTE: Because the Surface Hub is a shared device, you will need to tap the NFC badge each time you want to securely access your OneDrive or Box files.

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