How do I log in with my company's Single Sign On (SSO) when I have an existing Stormboard account?

Logging in with SSO for the first time may require you to enter the password for your existing Stormboard account.

Accessing your organization's Stormboard team may require signing in with your company's Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. If you have an existing Stormboard account linked to your company email address, signing in with SSO will automatically convert your Stormboard account to use your SSO password.

To Log In With SSO and Convert Your Account:

  1. Go to [Your company's subdomain] (the correct address for your Team will be provided to you by your organization's Stormboard Team Owner).

  2. Click Continue.

SSO Directory login page

3. On the Verify Credentials page, enter the password for your existing Stormboard account. This is the password you previously used to log into Stormboard.

Note: If you need to reset your password, use the following guide: Forgot your password?

Verify credentials and enter a password

4. Click Submit to confirm your password. This will automatically convert your account to use your SSO password for future log-ins with your company email address.

Note: You will now need to visit [Your company's subdomain] to log in with your SSO email address and password. Your company's subdomain will be provided by your company's Stormboard Team Owner.