How do I edit the rows and columns of the Spreadsheet Section in a Storm?

A row or column of a Spreadsheet Section can be edited by clicking on its header to reveal various options.



Note: Only the Storm Administrator can edit the template.

To edit a specific row or column:

Click the header (name) of the row/column you would like to edit. 

Spreadsheet Section Edit Header

You will have four options, detailed below:

  • Rename the row/column.
  • Add a row/column to the left or the right.
  • Resize the row/column.
  • Delete the row/column.

1. Rename the row/column by clicking the header (name) of the row/column and typing a new name. Hit enter when you are done.

Spreadsheet Headers Highlighted Screenshot

2. Add a row/column
by clicking the arrow buttons. 

Spreadsheet Add a Column Screenshot

3. Resize a row/column
by clicking the (+) or (-) buttons as many times as needed. 

Spreadsheet Resize Column Screenshot

4. Delete a row/column by clicking the Delete button. 

Spreadsheet Delete Column Screenshot

To add rows or columns:

  1. Click the pencil icon at the right corner of your spreadsheet section and select Resize.

    Stormboard spreadsheet section resize function

3. To add/delete columns click the +/- buttons under Resize Horizontally.

4. To add/delete rows click the +/- buttons under Resize Vertically.

Changing the size of a spreadsheet section in Stormboard

5. When you are done resizing, click Save Changes.


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