How do I edit or delete a comment?

Hover your cursor over a comment to bring up its options.

Accessing the edit and delete options for comments:

When you click on the conversation icon (speech bubble), it will show you:

  1. Who made the comment.

  2. The comment.

  3. When the comment was made.

accessing the edit and delete options


Hovering over a comment will show the edit (pen symbol) and delete (trash can symbol) options.

editing a comment

To edit a comment:

Clicking the edit button (pen symbol) will show a text box that allows you to edit the previous text.

editing a comment


Press enter on your keyboard or click the checkmark below the text box to post your edited comment

Edited comments will have have a label that reads 'Edited' in the top right (shown below)

confirmation of edits

To delete a comment: 

Note: Only the Storm Administrator or the sticky creator has the ability to Delete comments.

Clicking the delete button (trash can symbol) will result in a pop-up message. You can click OK to permanently delete the comment or Cancel to leave the comment on the sticky.

Delete a comment confirmation pop up


The deleted comment will still show the user, but the comment will read 'This comment has been deleted.' (shown below).

Example of deleted comment


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