How do I add or insert sections to my template?

Use the edit section toolbar to insert a new section into your template.

Note: This feature requires a Business or Enterprise subscription.

Method 1: use the '+' buttons along the outside of your template

To add a section to the outside perimeter of your template, click one of the '+' buttons along the top, right, bottom, or left-hand sides of your template.

The new inserted section(s) will mirror the layout of those along the side that they are inserted.

Method 2: use the 'insert' button in the edit section toolbar

  1. While a section is selected, click the 'insert' button in the toolbar.
  2. A '+' button will appear along each side of that section. Click on the side you'd like to insert the new section.

Insert Section-1

Method 3: use the '+' button inside of a spacer

  1. Click on the edit icon on any section in your template.
  2. Once in section edit mode, any blank spaces (spacers) will show a '+' button in the center.
  3. Click the '+' button to fill that blank space with a section.


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