How do I add an image or photo to a sticky note?

Create an Image Sticky note to embed a royalty-free image or upload your own.

You can simply drag and drop your image directly onto the Storm or double click anywhere on your Storm to open a sticky note, and select the Image

You then have a few options to add an image or photos: 

  1. Drag and drop your image directly onto the sticky note.

  2. Click "Select a local file" and upload a file from your computer. 

  3. Upload a file from Google Drive.

  4. Upload a file from OneDrive.

You can also use Pexels to find royalty-free images to add to your Sticky Notes.

To search for an image on Pexels:

  1. Type a keyword of the image you'd like to add.

  2. Hit Enter on your keyboard.

  3. Once you have found the image you'd like to add, hover over the image and simply click Add Image.

You can also use a Whiteboard sticky to upload multiple images in one sticky!


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