How can I access my Billing Information?

Where to find your transaction history and payment information.

Note: Only the Team Administrator can perform this action. Please log in with your Team Administrator e-mail to perform this action.

There are two pieces of information you can access: your Team's Billing Information, and your Personal Billing Information.

1) To Access Your Team's Billing Transaction History

Go to My Account

Dashboard my account access graphic
  1. Select your Team's name under My Teams in the left menu.

  2. Select Billing.

  3. Scroll down to view Transaction History.

Transaction History Dashboard

2) To Access Your Personal Billing History

Go to My Account

My account dashboard graphic
  1. Select Billing History.

Billing history dashboard graphic

You can search by:

  • Team

  • Date

  • Description

  • Amount

You can also view your Receipts.

Billing History dashboard overview


Example of Stormboard receipt


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