With just the click of a button, the Storm Administrator can focus the screen of every participant in a Storm to show the same view that he/she is seeing.

This is a great way for the facilitator of a brainstorming session to make sure every collaborator is in the same area of the Storm.

NOTE: This option is only available when other users are logged into the Storm at the same time as the Storm Administrator.

To perform this action:

  1. Click on the Actions button at the bottom of your Storm.
  2. Select Focus Everyone on My Position. The view of all active participants in your Storm will change to match your view.

   3.   You will be able to see their avatars floating just in front of what you are looking at.
   4.   Also, you will see a message confirming this action: Focusing all users to your screen.

The Storm Administrator can perform this action as many times as he/she pleases.

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