Can I include hyperlinks on sticky notes?

Text sticky notes will automatically detect links and convert them to clickable buttons.

If the URL contains a "www", like, you can type the website directly in the the sticky note and Stormboard will automatically convert the text to a link. If it does not change into a link automatically, you may need to include "https://" at the beginning of the link. 

You can also copy and paste any URLs directly into a sticky note.

text sticky note

Once you create the sticky, the link will automatically be shown as a shortened URL in its own bubble with a hyperlink symbol to the left of the URL.

hyperlink on a Stormboard sticky note

To open the link, simply click on the bubble containing the URL.

Hovering over the URL will show a preview of the webpage and the full URL can be viewed below the preview

Hyperlink preview

Stickies that include a hyperlink can also include text

Hyperlink sticky with text Hyperlink Sticky with text