Index Cards are meant to help you organize your ideas. 

  1. Double click anywhere on the Storm to create a sticky.
  2. Select Index Card.

   3. You will need to name the Index Card above the red line.

   4. Click Enter or click the checkmark to save.

 5. Double click on the line where you would like to type an idea.  
     A highlighted rectangle will appear. Type your idea in that rectangle.  

    6.  Click Enter or on the blue arrow on the right side of the rectangle once finished .
         Every line will become a Text sticky.

    7.  There is no limit to the amount of ideas you can add.  

    8. You can also include any other type of stickies (Text, Image, Whiteboard, File, Video, even other Index cards) inside of the Index Card (see below).

Adding other stickies to Index Cards

To add sticky notes that have already been created to an Index Card, simply drag and drop your stickies on the Index Card sticky.

How to remove stickies from Index Cards

You can remove stickies from Index Cards by dragging them out individually. Click on the idea and drag it to a new location in your Storm. 

How to resize Index Cards

  1. Click on the bottom right corner of the sticky you would like to resize.

2. Drag to make it longer or wider.

NOTE: Business and Enterprise subscribers have the ability to visualize and organize all the ideas from an index card in a Substorm.

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