Why is my picture/avatar moving around on the screen?

Realtime cursor positions show the locations of each participant in the Storm.

By default when there are multiple people in a Storm, your cursor will show your avatar/picture to identify which cursor belongs to which user in realtime. This is what we call the Realtime Cursor function

Stormboard's realtime cursor function showing participants in the workspace

For example, if Steve, Barb, and Jen are in a Storm together at the same time, as they each move their cursors around you will see where they are in the storm because their avatar will be there.  

It automatically moves with you as you navigate around any of your Storms. There is no need to set a cursor, as it automatically applies your avatar. 

You can also see when someone is moving a sticky note, or clicking on it. And you can see where everyone active in your Storm is looking or working. 

Read What is the Realtime Cursor Function , to learn how to turn this feature on or off.