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Stormboard News | July 2020

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The Future of Work

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The way that we work has changed drastically over the last few months. But what does this mean for the future?

While many businesses are still coming to terms with the fact that remote work is the current reality due to COVID-19, many enterprises were already making this transition long before isolation and distancing restrictions were implemented.


Introducing the Stormboard Azure DevOps Integration

Stormboard ADO integration

With the Stormboard two-way Azure DevOps integration for Enterprise Teams, you can connect to your DevOps instance, query projects for work items, and update work item data without leaving Stormboard.


Are you interested in Agile PI Planning remotely with Azure DevOps, Rally, or Jira?

Book a demo to see the integration in action!


The Best Tools For Long-Term Remote Work

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Working remotely is quickly shifting from being a short-term solution to a long-term plan for many companies.

This new work model means that the budget for boardroom space, whiteboards, sticky notes, and paper is now going towards digital visual collaboration tools that will keep your team connected, productive, and efficient.


pro tip

How to Customize the Color Legend in Your Storm

The Color Legend in your Storm lets you assign a person, task, project, etc. to a different color of sticky note.

Here's how to customize your color legend:

  1. Click the Legend button in the bottom right-hand corner of your Storm to open the Color Legend.

  2. Click on the label beside each color to edit the Legend.

  3. Click Enter to save your edits.