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Stormboard News | February 2021

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Your Guide to Mind Mapping with Stormboard

Man sits in front of a cluttered wall with various pieces of paper

A mind map is a form of brainstorming that allows you to organize your information into a visual structure, or map, that helps make sense of your ideas and analyze your content.

This type of diagram is also supposed to help with recall, as the process essentially helps you create a visual of what is going on in your brain.

Data Mining 101: An Introduction to Data Mining for
SAAS Companies

Two people with graphs and charts on mobile device and paper

Data mining is the process of converting a large amount of overwhelming, unusable data into smaller chunks of readable data. Data mining simplifies and sifts through data and assists users with decision making and comprehending information.

The concept of data mining originated in the early 1990s, but there are some reports of it being used before that.

How To Build Your Academic Research Project With Stormboard

Stock image of old library books

The complexity of a Ph.D., Professional Doctorate, or Research Masters can be overwhelming. To effectively design your project, you must review literature in your topic while simultaneously learning about the principles and process of academic research. This is tough!

Due to the complexity of these tasks, many students experience thoughts, ideas, questions, and worries constantly running through their minds. If at some point you feel confused, get stuck, or become frustrated, you are certainly not alone.

Theory of Constraints: Your Guide to Stormboard’s Thinking Process Template

Screenshot of Stormboard's Thinking Process Template

The Theory of Constraints is a business methodology that asks teams to embrace environmental and executional business constraints as a positive. Businesses are to look at a single constraint, which limits the team from achieving the most valuable goal.

By identifying and breaking through the constraint, the team successfully prioritizes time and resources in the most productive fashion.