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Stormboard News February 2020

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Your Guide to Setting and Reaching Your Business Goals

Two men and two women sitting at a table with multiple laptops

You need to set business goals that you can actually achieve, that will inspire your team to work together in a singular direction, and guide your decision-making for the year ahead. 

Here’s what you need to do to plan for the year ahead with purpose.


Your Guide to Stormboard's Statement of Work Template

The SOW Template helps you to organize, define, and determine the services that you will be providing to a client.

It is divided into ten sections — Introduction; Objectives; Scope and Responsibilities; Deliverables; Approach, Organization and Staffing; Assumptions; Fees and Expenses; Standard Business Practices; Conclusion; and Additional Notes.


How to Use Stormboard to Follow Up After a Meeting

You've just had a productive meeting with your team — now it’s time to follow up.

What do you usually do? 

Outline discussion points and tasks in team emails? Do you transcribe hand-written meeting minutes? Are you deciphering scribbled notes from blurry whiteboard photos? Are you tracking team members down after meetings to clarify their assignments?

Following up after a meeting shouldn’t be this hard! Learn More Today!


Affinity Mapping With Stormboard

Affinity Mapping is an organizational method that teams use when they have a large amount of data or information and need to narrow it down into smaller groupings. 

This method works for almost any topic or situation, and can be useful for any type of team, but is most often used by project management and product-focused teams.


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How to Use Stormboard on the Microsoft Surface Hub

Do you use Stormboard on your Microsoft Surface Hub? Here are some tips to help your next meeting be as efficient and effective as possible! 

Use "touch" to navigate your Storm (what we call your digital workspace). Pinch the screen to zoom in-and-out, and use one finger to move to a different area of the Storm. You can also use touch to move sticky notes to different areas of your Storm. 

Use the Microsoft Surface Hub Pen for sticky note creation. Tap the screen once with the pen to open a new sticky note. Use the built-in handwriting recognition to add your content. 

You can also use the pen to add line connectors to your sticky notes in order to track your workflow.