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Stormboard News | December 2020

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6 Awesome NEW Updates to Your In-Storm Experience

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You may have noticed something different when you were collaborating with your team this week — Stormboard’s Storms have a sleek new look!

We’ve made some exciting new updates to your in-Storm experience to make it easier for you to invite people to join you, navigate your workspace, and focus on getting work done.


Onboarding New Employees: How to Beat the Remote Onboarding Learning Curve

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First impressions are everything in a professional setting, and we as a society are now at a point where virtual communication is a huge part of that first impression.

With the second wave of the COVID pandemic reaching many parts of the world, face-to-face interactions are now slim, so many companies have shifted to virtual hiring and onboarding for their employees.

But, this is not something you can just jump into, and contrary to popular belief, there is a learning curve.


How to Discover Your Company’s Knowledge
Through Team Discoveries

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There are two types of knowledge that keep your internal business afloat: tacit knowledge (hard to share with others) and explicit knowledge (can be easily shared with others). Tacit knowledge can be difficult to share between team members — it is the knowledge, skills, and abilities that someone gains through experience —which is why we recommend a planned discovery session in order to capture this knowledge.

The internal knowledge of a company and its employees is incredibly valuable, and many businesses have processes in place to manage and capture internal knowledge and then share it amongst their teams.


How to Make New Software Implementation
Easier for Your Business

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Integrating new software into a company is no walk in the park, but innovation is necessary to adapt and comply with COVID restrictions, increase employee productivity, to keep systems up to date, and to stay ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately, implementing new software and getting employees on board can be a huge challenge — however, there are ways to make onboarding a more streamlined process.


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Your Guide to Stormboard’s Product Canvas Template

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Is your company ready to move on to creating your next product? Or revamp a product you currently have on offer?

In order to move your product from conception to reality, you will need a process that will guide you step-by-step through product creation to production — this is where a Product Canvas comes in.