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Stormboard News | August 2020

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Introducing Stormboard Academy!

Introducing Stormboard Academy

We are excited to announce the launch of Stormboard Academy, a series of in-depth online courses that we have created to help you quickly onboard your team, make the most of your account, and ensure that you become a Stormboard pro!


Your Guide to Adopting Lean Development with the Agile 8 Wastes Checklist

stock image of notebook and paper

Within Lean Development (a form of the Agile methodology), the goal is to cut out as much waste from a work process as possible. Optimizing your work process with Lean Development means removing a delay on project commitment and delivering results faster. An effective way to achieve this is through the 8 Wastes Checklist.


Interested in learning how Stormboard can help you with your remote planning?


7 Tips For Remote Work Productivity You've Never Heard Of

Woman working from home with children in background

As you’ve gotten more used to working from home, you’ve probably heard the traditional tips — separating your office from your living space, implementing productivity software, limiting distractions, etc. Now it’s time to level-up in your remote productivity journey.


Your Guide to The BANTR Sales Framework

BANTR Sales Framework Template from Stormboard

If you’ve worked in a commissions or field sales position, or you’re looking to set up your sales team with an effective way of finding qualified leads, you’ve probably heard of the BANTR sales framework.

This framework will help your team establish a tried and true sales methodology so you can increase your bottom line.

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How to Use Substorms

Substorms allow you to see all of the content that has been grouped together on an Index Card in its own Storm. Use Substorms for better organization, to keep the work of different teams separate, or to keep track of deadlines.

Here's how to enter a Substorm:

  1. Click on the sticky note stack at the top of an Index Card. The Substorm will open.

  2. All of the lines of your Index Card will be individual sticky notes, and the title of your Substorm will be the title of your Index Card.

  3. A Substorm has all the same functions as the main Storm.

  4. To return to the main Storm, click the back arrow or the title at the top left of your screen.

  5. All of the work in your Substorm is saved automatically, and you can return to it at any time.