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Stormboard News August 2019

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Announcing Stormboard's NEW Integration With Microsoft Teams!

Stormboard is already integrated with the Microsoft Surface Hub, Microsoft Office365, and Microsoft Flow, so we are thrilled to be expanding our Microsoft integrations to help our users make their meetings better! 


3 Methods of Scaling Agile for Enterprise Teams

The Agile Methodology is an awesome way to become more efficient as a team. But, as with any new business process, scaling Agile for Enterprise Teams, or across an entire organization, can be challenging.

Luckily, Agile has several ideologies that can help with scaling this process to fit your specific needs and way of working. Here are three common methods that Enterprise Teams often use to scale Agile.


Leverage Your Team with a Digital Boardroom (+ Details on the NEW Microsoft Surface Hub 2S!)

Using a digital workspace is great for reducing waste, your impact on the environment, and general office clutter. But an even better outcome of making your meetings digital is that you actually improve productivity and collaboration!

You have a focused, clear way of working that will save time, resources, and accomplish more.


Everything You Need to Know About Stormboard’s Search Feature

Searching for something on your computer or within a software program takes a lot of time out of your day. You spend time searching for specific notes uploaded weeks beforehand. It’s a huge hassle!

This is where Stormboard’s search feature comes in handy.


Are You Brainstorming Wrong?

Being stuck in a room trying to think of an idea right before a deadline approaches is awful! But, it’s what most of us end up doing when we brainstorm.

We definitely don’t come up with our best ideas brainstorming this way, because there is little creativity in the process when the pressure is on.

Are you brainstorming wrong? Most likely.


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How to Use Freeform Sticky Notes in Your Storms

Users now have the ability to make sticky notes as big or small as they want simply by clicking and dragging the corner of the note! 

Here's how: 

  1. Create and save a new sticky note. (You can also turn any existing note into a freeform sticky note).

  2. Click once on the note to open its menu. 

  3. In the size row, select the last option.

  4. Now, when you click on the icon on the bottom right-hand corner you will be able to resize the note simply by dragging it! 

  5. The freeform function will work on all types of notes.