Set up and use the Stormboard App for Webex

Begin Using the Stormboard Application for Webex


Note: This integration is only available on the Business and Enterprise Plan.

To add a Storm to a Webex Tab:

  1. Go to or create a space in Webex.
  2. Go to +Apps > Stormboard. If Stormboard doesn't appear in the Apps list, reach out to your Webex administrator and supply them with these instructions.
  3. Log into Stormboard via Webex.
  4. Select a Storm, or create a new one to pin as a tab to the space. 

To add a Storm to a Webex Call:

1.  Show apps in the bottom right corner of the callShow apps button

2. Add the Stormboard app

3. Log into Stormboard 

4. Select a Storm or create a new one

5.  Press the "open for all" button to make the Storm visible to call participants

6. "Close for all" makes it no longer visible by participants

6. refresh - allows you to select another storm to share on the call

7. refresh button - Allows you to select a new Storm to share


Stormboard and webex integration