Using Stormboard for Surface Hub requires you to have a Stormboard Account and a license code. 

License Code 

In order to be able to use Stormboard on your Surface Hub, you will need to purchase a license code for each Hub you are planning on using Stormboard on. 

The license code costs $500 and never expires. 

Stormboard Business Account 

To use Stormboard, on any device, you need to have a Stormboard account. 

When you sign-up for a free trial of Stormboard for Surface Hub (see below), you are automatically given a trial of out Business Account. This account costs $10 per month (billed monthly) per person. You will need to enter a credit card to set up this account. 

For all the features of the Business Account, click here

If you are working with a larger team, and are interested in our exclusive Enterprise-level features, like Single Sign On, enhanced security options, and annual invoice billing, click here for more information

Stormboard for Surface Hub FREE Trial

You can trial Stormboard for Surface Hub FREE for 30 days with a temporary code that will expire at the end of those 30 days. 

Once you download the app, you will be able to select the 30-Day Free Trial option and will be walked through the set-up process, which will involve setting up a Stormboard account (no credit card required), and receiving a temporary activation code. 

Once your trial expires, Stormboard for Surface Hub will require you to purchase an activation code and a Stormboard Account. All users that you invite to participate in a Storm will also need to create an account. 

If you would like to see if you qualify to extend your trial, contact

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