First, login to the Surface Hub.

(Note: You can create a Storm if you are not logged in, but will be asked to claim it under an account when you leave the Storm. If you do not claim it, your information will not be saved). 

  1. Click the button under Create a New Storm on the home page. 

2. Name your Storm by clicking on the title Storm at the top of the screen (see below). You can use the default template or select a new one by using the Template button at the bottom of your screen. Both the Storm name and the Template can be changed at any time. 

3. Stormboard works best when you are collaborating with other members of your team! Add participants to your Storm by clicking the Invite button at the bottom of your screen. 

Pro Tip: Use the Surface Hub Pen to add content by tapping on the screen, and use your finger for navigation. 

You can assign an identity to the pen by clicking on the person using it at the bottom of the screen — this will ensure that the ideas added are credited to the person adding them.

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